We are a small friendly team of qualified practitioners skilled in the treatment of pain relief.

Peter Jarvis (Chiro) Dc MSc BSc (Hons) LRCC

Peter Jarvis trained at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth graduating in 2000. He has widespread knowledge and experience working both in the Middle East and Europe serving both on-field chiropractor at National and International sporting events. Peter has also lectured to the major oil and gas companies on work related injuries and how to improve ergonomics for improved efficiency. Peter also specialises in neck and shoulder injuries caused by collision whiplash and is recognised by the leading insurers for referrals.

Gruffydd Morgan (Chiro) MChiro

Gruffydd recently graduated from the University of South Wales with a Masters in Chiropractic. Being a very enthusiastic rock climber, he is particularly interested in injuries that affect climbers, notably shoulder, arm and finger injuries. He is qualified in a range of manual therapy techniques including spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), mobilisation, soft tissue work and myofascial release. He is also trained in taking and interpreting radiographs, X-Ray imaging. He is particularly interested in exercise rehabilitation to support the recovery of a number of biomechanical conditions.

Lorraine Northey

Lorraine is our Senior Practice Manager responsible for all of our clinics as well as key administration and general practice management.

Shelagh McDonald

Shelagh is our junior practice manager responsible for the running of the clinics including arranging patient bookings