Your posture can be the reason that you are having problems with your back. Many back problems are preventable by simply ensuring you have the correct posture, and this page provides some information on how you can achieve that.

Buying a bed

We all spend a long time in bed- and this can be a major factor in back pain. We are all different. A mattress which is just 'hard' or 'soft' might not offer the same benefit to yourself as it might to your friend. Take the time to find the right mattress. With that in mind, it's worth following these tips:

• When you are lying on your side, make sure that your spine remains straight.

• If you sleep with a partner, seek out a bed that allows you to zip two separate mattresses together, as their needs may not be the same as yours.

• Try to lie on your side, rather than your back

• Remain hydrated, dehydration can make your muscles ache

• Have a stretch in the morning, and wait a while before doing anything too strenuous


Computer use

When you're not in bed, you're probably at work. If you work on a computer, then this information is for you:

• Adjust your chair so that your feet are flat on the ground, your elbows are level with the desk and your eyes the top of the monitor.Take regular breaks, walk around and stretch.

• On Laptops, the same tips apply- it's worth investing in a full-size keyboard and mouse as well.

Gardening and DIY

Both of these activities can mean a lot of physical strain. You can reduce your risk of back pain by following this advice:

• Wear sensible, non-restricting clothes, and as with any other exercise, warm up first.

• If you're using a ladder, make sure to approach and use it face-on.

• Avoid stretching, up ladders or on the ground, invest in some long-handled equipment if that helps.

Lifting and Carrying

• Keep your back straight, bend your legs and face forwards.

• Keep your feet apart, and your arms bent.

• Do things in stages- bring a weight down to waist height before moving to put it on the ground.